Friday, February 14, 2014


     Ever since I attended my first event as a S.C.A "newbie"--last year's Twelfth Night--dressed  in borrowed garb, I vowed that this year I would attend wearing garb I made.
    What could go wrong? I had a year to finish it!
    Picked out a pattern, cut it out, sewed it with help from those more experienced on the sewing machine than I, and waited for the date and place to be announced.
     Everything was a "go."
    Except on one of those January weekends when the northeast had a horrific snowstorm, the plans I had made with my family to celebrate our own "Twelfth Night" was cancelled as they were driving from New Jersey to Virginia and the roads were treacherous. So, (you guessed it), they only open weekend for them was the one coinciding with the S.C.A.'s celebration and I had to cancel my plans to attend it.
    The good news is...I'm ready for next permitting.


                          TAKE A PEEK AT "ZAPPED"

    My next book, "ZAPPED."a sweet contemporary romance, should be available on Amazon in a day or two.
     The main character, Meg Barry is not unlucky in love--she considers herself unlucky in marriage as her previous two relationships never made it past a second anniversary.
     As a result, she has given up looking for a third "Mr. Wonderful."
    However, the unpredictable storm that hurls her into the arms Bob McKay, a handsome (of course) and the youngest vice president at a prestigious auction house in Boston, creates a love story as unpredictable as the storm that brings them together as they are "ZAPPED" by the electrifying, magnetic force of love.
     Hope you enjoy the story.


Friday, August 30, 2013

The Dummy at the King's Assesment Feast

I'm getting the hang of this S.C.A. business. Having felt rather useless with no skills  these past months--no sword fighting, no archery--and struggling to fashion some garb so I am presentable at events, I finally found my niche.

I am a bona fide kitchen wench, scullery me what you please...I'll answer to it.

The "kitchen" has never scared me. I'm a good baker, a better stew maker, and a great quiche faker (I buy mine). So, it seemed natural that I could lend the only talent I had helping out in the kitchen under the direction of two excellent and practiced chefs for our barony's King's Assessment.

I made bread bowls, peeled and sliced turnips, peeled and grated carrots, mixed the ingredients for mini-cheesecake cups, and washed dishes, and washed dishes, and did I say, washed dishes? How boring you archers, and swords-people must think. But there is one thing I can guarantee...I do believe I got as much exercise in the kitchen that day, as any of you on the competition fields.

Does anyone have a recipe for relieving dishpan hands?