Friday, August 26, 2016

Here Comes Tipi!

Working on the sequel to Marcel's Gift (working title, Tipi's Psalm).  As many readers have said they couldn't put down Marcel's Gift,  they also wanted to know what happens to Tipi, the little orphaned girl from that story. They had to ask, right? Just wait until they read what Tipi's Psalm has in store. A top-notch romance with 3 capital Rs--a surprise Reveal, a promised Resolution, and a beautiful ROMANCE.

The Value of Getting a Manuscript Editor.

Just finished editing Leah Weiss's manuscript for her debut novel, "...if the Creed Rises." Agent signed her in 4 days. sold within the month to Source Books.  Had nothing to do with luck...JUST TALENT. Release date, summer 2017.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

If Oppen Marriage excites you-Read "Marcel's Gift."

Marcel's Gift is now in its second printing with a new cover but the same wonderful love story of Solange, an artist, her husband, Marcel, and the priest, Ambrose whose  lives intertwine in  a story of forbidden love.

Get caught up before its sequel  is published (Tipi's  Psalm).

Also try my contemporary romance,"Zapped"
and my short story collection of murder mysteries, "Murder in Small Doses."